Carisma Couture's Bio

1. Where are you from?
2. What is your job/main occupation?
"Fashion designer"
3. What is your passion/hobby?
"My passion is Netflix lol et my hobby is to practice fitness 3 Times a week and I also practice bralizian jiu-jitsu "
4. Your idea of happiness?
"Live like I Want to"
5. The talent you would like to be gifted with?
"I would like to have a talent for the UV nails! I'm figth with my fingers when i try"
6. Your favorite artist?
"Kylie Jenner"
7. Your favorite food and drink?
"I love Soja Milk with an awesome fudge and brownie Ben n Jerry's icecream haha"
8. Your favorite motto?
"Ne sous estimez pas la petite taille du grain de poivre car il est petit mais il est aussi piquant "
9. Your favorite Instagram tags?
"Curvygirl, OOTD , fashionista, insta fashion , jewels, jewelry,fashion, beauty, swagstyle, photooftheday, instajewelry, jewelrygram,fashionjewelry,stylish, makeup,instamakeup, cosmetics, fitnessadict, curves, bigbooty, beauty, girl"
10. Your instagram account name?