Edmarkou's Bio

1. Where are you from?
"Lithuania, Vilnius "
2. What is your job/main occupation?
"Student at program engineering and self-learning artist"
3. What is your passion/hobby?
"Riding bmx, art (drawing) and programming "
4. Your idea of happiness?
"Doing what you love in life"
5. The talent you would like to be gifted with?
"Passion and hard work beats talent, so no need for that! "
6. Your favorite artist?
"Logic (peace, love, positivity!)"
7. Your favorite food and drink?
"Free food and free drinks! "
8. Your favorite motto?
"Never give up"
9. Your favorite Instagram tags?
"I guess it's #tattooideas, since I'd like to be a tattoo artist one day!"
10. Your instagram account name?