Psicopatico's Bio

1. Where are you from?
"I am from Italy "
2. What is your job/main occupation?
"I am a student"
3. What is your passion/hobby?
"My passion is drawing and art in general"
4. Your idea of happiness?
"My idea of ​​happiness is to do what you want to do without thinking about the prejudice of others, freely exercising your passion or just being with true friends"
5. The talent you would like to be gifted with?
"I would like to be gifted with a wizard's talent using cards or coins"
6. Your favorite artist?
"I have two favorite artists,they are skottie young and mike mignola"
7. Your favorite food and drink?
"My favourite food is pizza and my favourite drink is cola"
8. Your favorite motto?
"Live as if you die tomorrow"